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Vintage Bass Pickups

Vintage Jazz bass pickups with chrome control plate and electronics.


Vintage PJ Bass Pickups


Original Fender Squier Vintage 70's Style Alnico Jazz Bass Pickups Pickup Set 2


Fender Pure Vintage 74 Jazz Bass Pickups


Fender Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickup Set Bridge Neck J Pickups NEW


2 Vintage 60s RI Fender JAZZ BASS PICKUPS Pickup Set 1960s Reissue SALE!




Vintage Precision style bass guitar pickups


Allparts Vintage Style "Staple" Humbucker Pickup for Hofner® Bass PU-6420-010


Vintage 1970's DiMarzio PAF Precision Bass Pickups "Patent Applied For" P-Bass


Genuine Fender Pure Vintage '74 J/Jazz Bass Pickups Set - 099-2243-000


Fender Vintage 50s Road Worn Precision Bass PICKUPS POTS KNOBS P Bass Assembly


PU-6420-010 Chrome Vintage Style "Staple" Humbucker Pickup for Hofner® Bass


2 Vintage 50s RI ROAD WORN Fender P Bass PICKUPS Pickup Precision Relic SALE!


Dimarzio Model 1 One Bass Guitar Pickup Vintage


AlNiCo V Vintage 60's Neck & Bridge Set Pickups for 4-String JAZZ BASS J - BLACK


Fender Pure Vintage Neck Pickup 74 J Bass


NEW - Fender '62 Vintage Jazz Bass Neck Pickup - BLACK, 002-0906-000


NEW - Fender Pickup Cover For Vintage Style 5-String Bass - CHROME, 005-9134-049


Black Alnico 5 Vintage Style Pickup for Fender Precision P Bass® PU-PBA-B


Genuine Fender Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass Original Pickups Set - 099-2102-000


NEW Fender Vintage '63 Precision Bass Pickup Set, 099-2241-000


Genuine Fender Original Jazz J Bass Vintage Pickups 099-2123-000


Genuine Fender American Vintage '63 Precision/P Bass Pickup 099-2241-000


vintage Seymour Duncan Jazz bass pickups set 2NR 2BR


Black Alnico 5 Vintage Style Pickup for EBMM Music Man® Bass PU-MM4A-NB


Vintage Old Fender Precision Bass Guitar Pickups Set P Bass Black Bottoms


Seymour Duncan SCPB-1 Vintage Single Coil Precision P/Tele Bass® Pickup 11401-04


Vintage Rickenbacker Bass pickups (unwound)


SEYMOUR DUNCAN SCPB-1 Vintage Single Coil P-Bass Bass Pickup FREE BEV OPENER


Lindy Fralin Pickups - Fender Precision Bass Vintage P - Hand Wound TONE * CREAM


Vintage 60s RI Road Worn Fender Jazz Bass PICKUPS POTS KNOBS JACK SALE!


Dawgtown Hand Wound Vintage Style Aged Jazz Bass Pickups A5 RW/RP Hand Crafted


Hand/Scatter wound Precision/P Bass Vintage 1962 Pickup Set..


Seymour Duncan SJB-1 Vintage Jazz Bass Guitar Pickups+920D '62 Control Plate CHR


LEFTY Vintage 62 RI Fender Jazz Bass PICKUPS POTS KNOBS JACK Parts SALE!


11401-03 Seymour Duncan Vintage Pickup For Precision P Bass® SPB-1 1957


KENT ARMSTRONG Hot Twins — Vintage P Bass / Precision Bass  Pickups


Genuine Fender '60s Custom Shop Jazz J Bass Hot Vintage Pickups 099-2101-000


Dragonfire VINTAGE ALNICO P BASS Pickup Set, Passive P-Bass Pup 4 Strings, CREAM


Dragonfire VINTAGE ALNICO JAZZ BASS PICKUP, 1 qty Bridge *OR* Neck, Color Choice


VINTAGE ALNICO PJ BASS Pickup Set, Dragonfire Jazz Bridge + P Bass, Color Choice


Seymour Duncan SCPB-1 Vintage Single Coil Precision P-Bass Pickup New Warranty


1990 Paul Reed Smith HFS and Vintage Bass Pickups Silver Baseplates Set Pair EXC